Sahapanich Plastic Thai Co., Ltd. found in 1992 is a manufacturer of blow molding and injection products using advanced technology.  The company is managed by a team of highly experience professionals.  
    Our management philosophy is maximizing our employees's performance through constant training and skill development.  We emphasis on highest performance, being competitive and value added.  One of our most important goal is to be responsible not only to our own organization but to clients, society, community and environment.  
    We use advanced technology and quality machines imported  from Japan.  Our machines come with the sizes of 80 - 350 tons and have capacity in producing a variety of products with our clients' budgets.  
To add value and convenience to our clients, we also offer services in  producing and repairing molds asides from our main production.  Our main objective is to increase client confidence by offering extra service to ensure that we will take care of the production from begining to the job completion.  To increase the quantity and quality of production from your mold, the capable of maintenance is important and we can do it with this department.  Our experts are responsible to monitor every step in the process, and to create various types of molds including blowing and injection, in any sizes.
  • Machinery:   We have made a commitment to constant inspection and maintenance to ensure productivity and high performance.
  • Products:   To ensure best service and product quality,  our company keeps record of every step during the process, and coordinate with all departments involved.  i.e. Mold, Production, Quality Control, and the staff.